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Friday, October 24, 2008

Selected Tanka

A tanka is a Japanese poem which tells a story or expresses a complete idea in 31 syllables, and 5 lines. The first and third lines contain 5 syllables, and the others contain 7: 57577. Here are a few that I have written over the last few days during my queit time.

Tanka on Sabbath

on the seventh day
God gave birth to harmony
repose, peace, and rest
potential for renewal
completion of creation

Tanka on the Blessed Virgin Mary

Rosa Mystica
Most Bless-ed Mother of God
Mother of us all
and Defender of the poor
who plead for her protection

Tanka on the Theotokos

Most Blessed Lady
All-Holy Mother of God
Birth-Giver of God
who contained within her womb
God who could not be contained

Tanka on St. Juan Diego's Call

Saint Juan Diego
heard the voice of a Princess
calling from a hill
asking him to build a church
where all could find God's mercy

Tanka on Our Lady of Guadalupe

Castillian Roses
blooming on a frozen hill
placed in a tilma
changed to the image of the
Merciful Mother of all

Tanka on Baptism

baptized in water

sealed by the Holy Spirit

accepted by Christ

and made God's own forever

all forgiven, all belong

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