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Friday, September 12, 2008

Sweet Kissing...

A birthday present from Luiz.

The Glykophilousa icon, also known as Sweet Kissing or Lovingkindness is my favorite image of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the infant Christ. It was in fact the first icon I ever purchased, and my home is filled with different "Sweet Kissing" images. Not only do I find great serenity and tranquility in the scene itself- a mother caressing her child and being embraced by her child in return- but I find comfort in contemplating the faces of the Theotokos and Our Lord. I often see her pensive, forlorned visage and wonder, "does she somehow know what his fate will be?" "Is she trying to hold him close in an effort to protect him from his destiny?" When I see her in this icon, I see the face of a mother who is about to lose her child, and is relishing the last moments of tenderness before he is taken away from her. He looks as if he has been frightened and has ran into his mother's arms for safety. Perhaps I am reading in the part of the Story that I already know; perhaps I am reading into their Story parts of my own Story in an effort to find comfort and strength to live into my own plot. In any case, it is a beatiful, tender image with which I often pray, and from which I often receive many graces.
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This is the most beautiful thing Luiz has ever done.

I am praying with it (and inviting others to do so) for a friend in need of healing and comfort.
Blogger Jane R, at 8:42 AM  
A lovely gift - sorry I missed your birthday and Luiz's as well. Hope you had a blessed day!
Blogger John the organist, at 3:05 PM  

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