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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Keeping Perspective: A Plea to Remember the Important Things

I received this in a listserve of which I am a member... I'm posting it here because there is great wisdom in this letter. We can not allow the statements made by the Archbishop of Sudan regarding human sexuality thwart our committment to working for peace, justice, and freedom for the Sudanese people. No matter what Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul and other conservative Christians think of me, we are bound together in Christ: I belong to them, and they belong to me because we all belong to Christ. I can only return the pain that their personal views about gays and lesbians bring with prayers for their continued transformation in Christ. I asks God's blessings on the Primate of Sudan and I pray for peace among the people there. And in the mystery of the love of God, I have hope that through my prayers for justice and liberation for them, the Spirit will bring justice, peace, and liberation to us all.

pax to you all

Dear Ones,

There's been a lot of talk about one statement made by Sudanese
Archbishop Daniel Deng Bul yesterday at Lambeth. It has caused much pain
and consternation. What has been completely lost in that hubbub is the
other statement made by the Archbishop on behalf of the Episcopal Church
of Sudan. It is a critical statement and I commend it for your prayer
and study. It is ample evidence why our companion relationship with Lui
continues to be a good and important and life-saving thing.

I encourage you to go to the EGR blog -- www.e4gr.blogspot. com -- and
read the whole statement, which we've fitted with links so you can more
easily learn more about the various provisions. We've also provided a
link to a document developed by our Diocese of Missouri's Companion
Diocese Committee in consultation with the Episcopal Office of
Government Relations ... a "Sudan Advocacy Action Guide" that addresses
the points in this statement and has talking points and a letter
template as well as contact information for senators Kit Bond and Claire
McCaskill, as well as information about how to find and contact your

The statement's key "asks" are:

*International pressure for peace in Darfur as part of a "whole Sudan
approach" to conflict in Sudan, realizing that the conflicts in Darfur
and in the South are inextricably linked.

*Continued education and political pressure around the Referendum of
2011, which would provide the opportunity for independence for Southern

*Continued political pressure to abide by the Abyei protocol of the CPA.

*Support for the Church in the North in the face of religious
persecution from the government.

*Continued pressure on peace talks with the Lord's Resistance Army and

*Support in terms of relief and development, to help communities provide
clean water, security, health and education for returning refugees and
internally displaced persons.

*Support from the Lambeth Conference and Anglican Communion to "stand in
solidarity with the Sudanese Church and people."

*Prayers and fellowship to encourage and support the Church in its mission.

Please read and disseminate this statement widely. It is no surprise
that the statement dealing with issues of sexuality has gotten
high-volume play and the statement dealing with people being murdered
has gotten almost no play (I spent much of the morning searching the
internet for any text of it at all, and fortunately a wonderful deacon,
the Rev. Timothy Spannus of Royal Oak, MI, sent me an email when ACNS
finally posted it.).

Don't let the cries of the Sudanese people get drowned out. Please take
the time to read this statement and respond with your prayers and advocacy.

Christ's peace,


The Rev. Mike Kinman
Executive Director, Episcopalians for Global Reconciliation
MKinman@gmail. com + 314.348.6453
http://www.e4gr. org + http://www.e4gr. blogspot. com
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Thanks for your amazing witness.

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