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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Let's make earth hour - earth lifetime

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that an hour without electricity has raised awareness to the problem of climate change and our impact on the earth and its resources. But if that's all one does, what is the point? So what... you ate dinner by candlelight tonight. Did you consider where that food came from and what impact it had on the earth to get it to your table? I'd rather see a person make a commitment to buying more locally grown, organic vegetables or even planting an organic garden in their yard (or even on their patio.) So you turned the lights out for an hour... and then at 9:00, what happened? I'd love to see people not using lights at all so much throughout the day: one could supplement lights with solar lamps and certainly switch to energy efficient bulbs.

I don't mean to have such a preachy tone- I get to do that tomorrow morning at Mass ;)- but empty gestures rooted in political correctness do little if one is not willing to make small changes that can really make a difference. A good first step for everyone is to take a short quiz to discover what their carbon footprint is and what impact they as an individual are having on the earth and its resources. To take the quiz click here. To learn more about how to reduce your carbon footprint check out these websites...

worn again

A very insightful article on praying to the earth and making changes as a spiritual discipline can be found ,here

Be a gardener.

Dig a ditch,

toil and sweat,

and turn the earth upside down

and seek the deepness

and water the plants in time.

Continue this labor

and make sweet floods to run

and noble and abundant fruits

to spring.

Take this food and drink

and carry it to God

as your true worship.

- Blessed Julian of Norwich
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