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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day 4 PIlgrimage

Today it rained, and rained, and rained.... and rained. There were some moments when the clouds cleared, but the wind was so strong that we had to stay indoors most of the day. We all curled up in the hostel around the fire reading, chatting, and playing cards. All in all not a bad way to spend a day ;)

We were able to leave the hostel briefly in the morning to celebrate the Holy Eucharist at St. Columba's Chapel in the Bishop's House (a retreat house of the Scottish Episcopal Church). It was an honor to be able to say Mass there and to use the <1982 Liturgy of the Scottish Episcopal Church (don't tell anyone, but it's an improvement on the 1979 US Prayer Book). Many thanks to the warden of the bishop's house for her hospitality to us.

That evening two of us decided to brave the wind and walk down to the abbey for evening prayer. It was such a spiritual moment to sit in that abbey and listen to the wind howl through the stones. My mind wondered how many monks had sat there at prayer listening to the same wind blow across the island. My soul mused upon the character of the Holy Spirit- who was experienced by the Blessed Virgin Mary and the early disciples as a mighty, rushing, wind.

After prayer, a woman who was staying in the hostel with us asked me if I would bless her rosaries on the altar in the abbey *GRINS*. I was humbled to stand behind the altar and bless the rosaries- I could almost feel the saints who had stood in that holy place praying with me. What a spiritual high for me.

(more pics to come)
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This post got me thinking. Do you have to use the Prayer Book or can you use the Liturgy from Scotland here in the US? A follow up if I might. Can you use parts of the Scottish Liturgy here in the US.
Blogger Fr. Peter, at 4:17 AM  
A good day despite the rain - we have had lots of snow in Wurzburg! Keep the news coming Rob!
Blogger John the organist, at 12:18 PM  
Fr Peter,
I am obliged by the Canons of the Episcopal Church to use the 1979 Prayer Book for the principal Mass on Sundays. Theoretically, it is possible (with the bishop's permission) to use another rite or liturgy. There are, in fact, similarities between the 79 Prayer Book and the 1982 Liturgy of the Scottish Episcopal Church. The shape of the Mass is identical as are some of the prayers. I like the theology of the eucharistic prayers in the Scottish liturgy- as well as the language itself... it is contemporary yet dignifying. The Scottish liturgy has also removed the filioque from the Nicene Creed (which I do not say anyways, even tho it is in the 79 Prayer Book...)

As chaplain of Episcopal students in a university setting, I have a bit more freedom, and so I do use liturgies from other parts of the Anglican Communion with some regularity. I'll have to use the Scottish liturgy again soon
Blogger Padre Rob+, at 11:35 PM  

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