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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Local Coninuing Episcopalian writes to the Editor of the local newspaper: "Breakaway Anglicans Follow Mars, not Jesus"

A Letter to the Editor of my town newspaper demonstrates the pain and anguish that CANA and the schismatics are creating here in the place where I minister. You can read it here.

Please offer special prayers for Bill Mehr- the author of the letter, and the other members of The Continuing Episcopal Church of St Margaret's Woodbridge as they continue to do the work of the Gospel and share the Love of Christ in word and deed in Woodbridge, Virginia in the midst of sacrifice, persecution, and hardship. They are all an inspiration to me. You can visit the parish website here.

You might also want to visit Bill Mehr's blog here.

Please continue to pray for the Diocese of Virginia and all of the Continuing Episcopal Churches in this diocese as legal proceedings continue this week.

Peace, Light, and Love
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