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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

When Cooking was about hospitality not Sex in the City

Huw has a great post on The Food Network here

What ever happened to Julia Child, The Two Fat Ladies, Nancy Dupree, and Graham Kerr?
:: posted by Padre Rob+, 8:34 PM


Thanks for pointing me toward these sensible words on food shows.

Let's go back to the food, and the loving preparation & sharing thereof (which makes the whole event sacramental).
Blogger Paul, at 9:11 AM  
I liked the 2 fat ladies - alas one of them died I think - she was a Catholic too.
Blogger John the organist, at 3:18 PM  
paul- i like your thought on all meals being sacramental.

john, yes, Jennifer Patterson died from lung cancer, and she was a devout Catholic. The taped a couple of shows at Westminster.
I loved watching them- even if I'd probably be offended in "real life" lol They were always making fun of vegetarians ;)

But I did love their grit and their cooking was all about fun and creating a meal to be shared and enjoyed in company of others.
Blogger Padre Rob+, at 3:48 PM  
Yeah, and "Top Chef" is depressing, too.

Let's get Julia on the Episcopal calendar of saints, I say. Want to work on that one with me, Rob? (Once you've moved, that is, and started your new job.)

We have a nice Slow Food movement here in this region of North Carolina, so the spirit of joyous, fresh, hospitable food is here. I go to the farmers' market instead of watching tv cooking shows.

Good post, Huw! And thanks Rob!
Blogger Jane R, at 10:03 PM  
I feel stupid because I don't even know what Top Chef is. Is it on FoodNetwork?

And Jane, I am all for adding Julia to the Kalendar ;) What a fabulous idea.

We'll get Luiz to write an icon :)
Blogger Padre Rob+, at 10:43 PM  
I worked in an office that was an unusually close-knit group. It used to amaze the greater organization and they never understood our secret. I believe it was because our coordinator loved to cook and we had many communal meals in that office. We were obviously being fed in ways other than merely getting our noon calorie count.
Blogger BooCat, at 12:20 PM  
No, no, Top Chef is on one of those horrible other basic-cable channels I think, and it's the same type of show as Project Runway. (Tell me you don't know what Project Runway is and I will take away your gay credentials.) Funny at times but competitive and at this point, formulaic. I didn't watch it long. I'd rather cook :-).

It's reality TV, which I never watched until last winter when PeaceBang got me hooked on Project Runway. It's all her fault. ;-) Then I watched Top Chef a bit but I got disgusted pretty fast.

Glad you're with me re: putting Julia on the calendar. Can't you see the buttons at Convention?

"Bon App├ętit! Raise your Eucharistic consciousness!"

Since writing icons takes serious spiritual preparation, Luiz will have to pray but also to immerse himself in the corpus of the great Julia, as in read her books AND watch numerous episodes of her PBS shows.
Blogger Jane R, at 7:28 PM  

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