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Sunday, August 12, 2007

How to Knit a Thurible

This was posted in a comment on Kelvin's Blog, but my little catholic heart just had to share it. This is fabulous !! hehe

How to Knit a Thurible
:: posted by Padre Rob+, 12:44 PM


Oh don't confuse the multitudes! It is crochet.

And knit I can, but crochet I can't!
Anonymous kelvin, at 1:21 PM  

They are going to take my credentials awat :P
Blogger PadreRob+, at 3:49 PM  
This is hysterical.

But who in the world has the PATIENCE to crochet (or knit for that matter) a thurible?!

I have a feeling you're going to learn to crochet just so Zac can have his own thurible to play with. LOL
Blogger Jane R, at 5:36 PM  
hehe, I would Jane, but alas, I haven't the patience. :P
Blogger PadreRob+, at 5:59 PM  
just don't try putting anything hot in it!
Blogger John the organist, at 6:49 PM  

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