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Sunday, April 22, 2007

I've Been Tagged: Six Weird Things

So, Huw tagged me with the Six Weird Things Meme, which means I am now to reveal six weird things about myself. Here goes:

1. I am a progressive-Orthodox (I guess that should that be little 'o' orthodox)Episcopal priest. I affirm the faith expressed in the Nicene Creed and generally give authority and respect to the ecumenical councils. I read the Patristic writers and cite them as authorities; I venerate the saints and invoke them daily; I pray with icons and prayer beads. I prefer high Mass with smells, bells, and chant. I love the Most Blessed Theotokos. (I think you get the idea)... Yet, I think the church has been wrong in its treatment of women and homosexuals. I support women's ordination, and I do not think one's sexual orientation alone should be an impediment to holy orders or other sacraments. The Right wing of the Episcopal Church rejects me as a heretic, and the Left just doesn't know what to do with me.

2. I love bananna sandwiches on white bread. However, since I have taken white, processed flour out of my diet, I only get to have one when I want to treat myself (yes, everything in moderation, and by the way, it just isn't the same on Ezekiel Bread). Ok, now for the weird bit. I could never decide whether or not to use mayo or peanut butter on the sandwich... so, one day I decided put mayo on one piece of bread and peanut butter on the other. Problem solved. YUM!!!

3. I hate math, and numbers in general. Numbers give me a headache. In fact I've been known to completly zone out during the treasurer's report at vestry meetings (shhh- that's our little secret). Yet, I am addicted to Sudoku. Go figure.

4. I don't think this is weird at all, but I have been told this can be treated with medication or therapy, LOL. I am a little OCD with how I arrange items in my cupboards and how I place them in my shopping cart (buggy for my fellow Souherners). The cans and jars have to be arranged small/short to large/tall and by type (all veggies together, all soups together, all canned tuna together, etc.) Well, I do the same with my pencils and pens at my desk... all lined up short to tall. (Lord, am I really sharing this) LOL

5. I hate chocolate ice cream. I guess that wouldn't be so weird, except I LOVE chocolate.

6. I was a good little boy all of my life (yes, as hard as it is to believe, this is true). I waited until I got to seminary to "be a little bad" (ok and even my "bad" wasn't so bad- just remember I was raised in a Holiness Church). I had never stepped foot in a bar until I went to seminary. I never smoked tobacco (and still think it is a revolting behavior) until I went to a Cigar bar while at seminary (by the way, it made me sick as a dog). It was while I was in seminary that I decided to get my ear pierced. LOL I suppose it's a little wierd that I'm so lame at being bad. HA HA.

Ok, some of my blog buddies have already been tagged.... hmmmm.... so, I'll Tag:

Jane R
Scott R+
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You rascal. I knew someone was going to tag me sooner or later. I thought of two weird things the other day and then today when I read you'd tagged me they slipped my mind. I'll have to think about this a while before I figure out what to post. Weird, me??!!
Blogger Jane R, at 4:08 PM  
Thanks for the list! Never tried 'em with mayo. I'm a crunchy PB man, myself... preferably on toast.

I swear.. I know like maybe 3 people who are not OCD. Should have listed that as one of my oddities.
Blogger Huw Raphael, at 4:20 PM  
I'm wondering whether there is a correlation between blogging and mild OCD. ;-)

I'm with you on the crunchy peanut butter, huw.
Blogger Jane R, at 7:41 PM  
So how bad was bad? You sound just like me. I smoked a fag up a tree when I was 7 and was so sick I've never touched one ever! I was always a good little boy and a virgin when I married. I'm entirely committed to my wife.
Blogger John the organist, at 2:13 PM  
Okay, okay, so I posted the six weird things... Go ye and enjoy.
Blogger Jane R, at 9:35 AM  
How very odd. I too never tasted alcohol until I was a divinity student. I gave up being teetotal for Lent. (And it was the most difficult Lentan Penance I ever took on).
Anonymous Kelvin, at 10:07 AM  

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