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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Happy St Thomas Day

"Blessed are those who have not seen, and yet have come to believe"- The Risen Christ

Happy St Thomas Day- the Eigth Day of the New Creation, when we by faith behold Thomas' vision of the Risen Christ, and with him enter into the Kingdom of God that is emerging among us in time of space. I like Thomas; he's a bit like me most of the time. I'm always asking God for signs and assurances. I don't like being like Abraham, and taking steps and journeys without knowing where the road will end. I am grateful for Thomas, who is human enough to demand that he see the wounds in Jesus hands and feet before he can believe- and yet humble enough to tell the Christ he wished he didn't have to feel the scars when confronted with them. In the end it didnt matter, because Thomas the doubter was embraced and loved by the Risen Christ in the same way as the others were. In the end, even the doubter was able to proclaim, "My Lord and My God." In the end, there will be hope for this doubter as well.
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Thomas is such an important person for all of us. Thanks for the Caravaggio - wonderful picture! Have faith! Trust in God!
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