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Sunday, April 22, 2007

Happy Earth Day

I miss writing. One reason I started blogging was to give myself a forum for writing down my thoughts on faith, spirituality, and the holiness of mundane living. Today, as we celebrate Earth Day, I am given a perfect opportunity to reflect upon the theological and spiritual implications of being (or refusing to be) good stewards of "our fragile island home" (as the 1979 BCP puts it). However, I am too busy these days to do more than organize links to the thoughts and ponderings of others. So, here you go, some green blogs that I think may be of some interest.

Tree Hugger- a green lifestyle blog
Great Green Good- a blog about how to shop green
greenLAgirl- one of the few female green bloggers,
Common Ground: The Red,the Blue, and the Green
Climate Ark- a blog about global warming and climate change.

I just saw this one on Jane's Blog: and I love food too, this blog on eating sustainably, organically, and delicously looks very interesting: cookin in the 'Cuse

Go here for liturgical and spiritual sources:

National Council of Churches in Christ
Episcopal Diocese of Orgegon: Environmental Resources
Episcopal Ecological Network
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Jennifer at Cookin' in the 'Cuse is great - an Episcopal priest and a cook, and her blog has all kinds of resources and can serve as a model for other regions. And sometimes there are recipes on it too :-).
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