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Friday, April 20, 2007

Feast Day of St Maelrubha, St Anslem, and Peter Abelard

An Anglican friend in Scotland sent me an email to tell me that today is the Feast Day of St Maelrubha. I love Scotland and Celtic Christianity, so I was happy to learn of this holy one, also known as St Rufus, who I have come to learn was venerated by many in the celtic world. He was an abbott who founded Abercrossan, where he built a church and a monastary. He wandered as a missionary, planting churches amongst the Picts, and it is said that he cured the mentally ill. He died on 21 April, and was buried outside of his cell by the Naver River. A rough cross-marked stone still marks his grave. To learn more about him go here and here. You can read about Abercrossan

Today is also the Feast Day for St Anselm and Peter Abelard. As it is after midnight, I'll just give you a link to thier hagiogrpahies.

St Anselm
Peter Abelard
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