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Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Compassionate Friends: Grief Support for Grieving Parents

This day elicits many theological reflections about the mystery of Christ's Passion and its implications for humanity. Yet, on the most basic human level this day is about the pain and suffering of a mother who has lost her son. On this Good Friday many who have lost their children stand in solidarity with the Mother of God, who holds in her arms the lifeless fruit of her womb. They feel the pain that no human being should have to bear as they bury their own children.

As you reflect on the mysteries of this day, say a prayer for all parents who grieve the deaths of their children. Consider visiting The Compassionate Friends website and sit with Blessed Mary and all grieving parents as she rocks her son in her arms. Perhaps you will find a way to support the ministry of the Compassionate Friends and walk with grieving parents as the journey towards that helaing that can only come from the Resurrected Christ.
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Just a note -- I know it's tacky to correct spelling on Good Friday, but I think you meant "elicit" and not "illicit."

Back to more serious things now. Writing a meditation on "Jesus Meets the Women of Jerusalem" for St. Mary's House Stations of the Cross for tonight.

Your professorial schoolmarm neighbor (who put up a link to your stripping the altar meditation on her blog, thanks again for that)
Blogger Jane R, at 12:06 PM  
O dear, there's quite a difference in elicit and illicit... that's what happens when I blog at 1 a.m. I appreciate your correction-

Blessings as you write your meditation.
Blogger PadreRob+, at 2:28 PM  

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