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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Comfort "food" for us all

A new group has been formed on Facebook by Virginia Tech students and faculty (including a friend of mine) Here are the introductory comments:

Turn off your F*%!!ng TV!!!

Type: Common Interest - Current Events

Description: Ok, I am having flashbacks to 9/11. I hit the wall a couple of days into that tragedy where I was watching the TV non-stop.

When I saw a video last night of Cho pointing a gun at his head, I suddenly began to feel exploited. Our pain on display.

Endless news has become a BAD thing. It's easy to obsess, but in the end it's NOT helpful.

I've already been with some of you out there and saw that same look in your eyes. We can only take so much.

Turn the damn thing off and watch "The Sound of Music" or "The Wizard of Oz" or something...just like comfort food, it's time for a few "comfort archetypes."

Better yet, get some SLEEP!

Bravo! We all need some comfort. One way we try to do that is through food and communal meals. If I were in Blacksburg I'd be baking a dessert and preparing a salad or casserole to give to someone as a token of love and comfort... it's just what we do, at least here in the South, and I imagine it happens elsewhere. Since I can't do that, I offer these small tokens for whatever comfort they may give...

St Paul's Cathedral: The Lord Bless You and Keep You

And since they asked:

The Sound of Music

The Wizard of Oz: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Because she always makes me laugh: I Love Lucy: Vitametavegamin Commercial
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