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Friday, April 13, 2007

Come unto me, and I will give you rest

It is only when there is inner solitude, the solitude of prayer, the solitude of the heart, and when the heart is quiet, that one can hear Jesus knocking at the door of our heart, and hear His voice so like the whisper of a gentle breeze.

But, so very often we are succumbed by the enticements of the world. Bodily comfort, sensual delight, anything and everything we believe will bring happiness, but as soon as we have become satiated, we are left disillusioned; how sad. We are so easily hurled into ecstasy or into depression. We search for that calm center in the midst of outward chaos. We know we must withdraw from this restlessness of external activities that consume our energies. We know we should flee away and hide from the turmoil of senseless outward occupations and vain inward thoughts, for they create nothing but discord. Deep within, we are afraid. Somehow we need to feel that the outer world is not going to swallow us up in its endless turmoil. “If God is to speak His word in the soul, she must be at rest and peace.” (Meister Eckhart)

A Virtual space of solitude for Jane and all other weary pilgrims who need to stop and rest.
:: posted by Padre Rob+, 6:01 PM


How very true! Have you seen the Archbishop of Canterbury's sermons page?
Blogger John the organist, at 6:47 PM  
Some wonderful reflections there!
Blogger John the organist, at 6:49 PM  
Lovely, Rob. Thanks.
Blogger Jane R, at 8:22 PM  

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