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Friday, April 06, 2007

Christ is Buried

The burial of the Christ, our King,
Became life for humanity.
Had He not been put in the tomb,
The high gates of Paradise would not have been opened.
Grant, O my Lord, the souls of Your departed servants,
Who have slept trusting in You,
To dwell and have rest in Your Paradise.

- Syriac Orthodox Liturgy for the Friday of the Crucifixion (`arubto d-hasho)


When the Arimathean lowered You from the Cross, O Christ, the life of all, now dead, he ministered to You with myrrh and linen. Profoundly moved in heart and speech, he hastened to enshroud You, while himself enshrouded in awe yet rejoicing he cried out to You: "Glory to Your condescension, loving God!"

When for the sake of all, You the Redeemer of all, were laid in a new tomb, Hades the scornful cowered at sight of You. The bolts were broken, the gates shattered, graves opened up, the dead were raised. Then Adam, rejoicing with thanks, cried out to You, "Glory to Your condescension, loving God!"

When by Your free will You were closed up bodily in the tomb, yet remained in Your divine nature beyond confining or defining, You closed down the chambers of death and rendered Hades utterly empty, Christ the King. Then did You render the Sabbath worthy of divine blessing and glory, and of Your own splendor.

When the heavenly Powers saw You falsely accused as an imposter, and the tombstone sealed by the very hands that lanced Your pure breast, they shuddered at Your indescribable forebearance. yet rejoicing over our salvation, they cried out to You," Glory to Your condescension, loving God!"

- from the Greek Orthodox Church
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