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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Perspectives: Religious Leaders Rally for Marriage Equality in NC

Advocates push for same-sex marriage in North Carolina

By: Brett Tackett & Web Staff
More than 50 people gathered in front of the Legislative Office Building in Raleigh on Wednesday demanding same-sex marriages be recognized in North Carolina.

Lyle Turner and his partner were married in Fayetteville a year ago; despite the fact North Carolina does not recognize it.

"I'd always wanted growing up to be married," Turner said. "As everyone usually does when they get married they have a ceremony."

Standing shoulder to shoulder with Turner is Jack McKinney, a Baptist minister.

"As religious leaders we want to stand up with them and to be along them as they seek that right that everyone has,” said McKinney.

He and other religious leaders call themselves the North Carolina Religious Coalition for Marriage Equality. They say they support same-sex marriage because God loves everyone.

"In every religious tradition there is a great diversity of Biblical interpretation. What people don't have the right to do is to interpret the Bible and insist their interpretation become law in a way that discriminates against certain citizens,” said McKinney.

Other religious leaders strongly disagree and say the Bible is very specific about homosexuality.

"And one would have to really reinterpret the Bible in a way that it has never been interpreted in 2000 years of Christian teaching,” said Father Jay James of St. Timothy Episcopal Church. "When men and women come together in Christian marriage they come together for mutual joy and that love brings them together for procreation of children.”

Same-sex marriage supporters say this is an issue of civil rights. Father James disagrees.

"For Christians, it's a moral question,” said James.

A number of State Senators are working for a constitutional amendment. If passed, it would solidify the ban of same-sex marriages. But Turner says they plan to fight until they win.

For the constitutional ban to pass it would have to get through the House and Senate. Then Tar Heel voters would have the final say.

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Ok, let me get this straight. The Baptists are supporting gay marriage and the Episcopalians are opposing it? I guess this Episcopal Priest needs to go stand with the Baptists in Raleigh and make some noise.
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