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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Perspective: North Carolina Southern Baptist State Convention Passes Anti-Gay Resolution

Great! Hardly anyone outside has even heard of my hometown (unless you are a NCAA college hoops fan, or remember the Woolworth sit-ins in the 60's); and, NOW we make International news because we have hosted the NC Southern Baptist State Convention, which, today, passed a resolution banning from membership in the Convention any congregation which supports gays, ordains gays, or blesses same gender unions. I thought, in defense of this fair city, that I'd share some of the responses to this resolution that were posted on a local message board, so you all will know that there are some evolved human beings in Greensboro, NC. Check these out:

Being gay is not a lifestyle as you say in the news cast, unless you consider being heterosexual a lifestyle as well. Please do not use this word in your newscast again. And sadly, the Baptist church has lost its way. It sounds more like the people Jesus spoke out against, than the people who speak for Jesus.

I think that it's wrong for churches to publicly reject a person's way of life. There's nothing wrong with being homosexual, because that doesn't dictate personal characteristics in any way, and gay people are still- whatever some people may think- people. Homosexuality has existed throughout history. Some eastern countries considered it to be noble even. Why is society clamping down of gay people now? I'm a fourteen year-old 8th grader and this is my opinion. Discrimination against people in any way is wrong! One of my friends is gay, but he's still the coolest and funniest guy I've ever met. It would tick me off severely if someone ever made fun of him just because of the way he chooses to live. Aren't churches supposed to support men and women? Even when no one else will? If we can't find comfort from our religions, where can we find it?

I have been an Southern Baptist since the day I was born. But now I am having second thoughts. I believe and was raised to believe, by the church, that the doors were always open to anyone no matter of race, religion, gender, and even personal beliefs. Now the Baptist are becoming racist in the strongest since. No longer will I attend a church where they discriminate against another human being.

It is very hypocritical for a church to single out one particular group of people that they believe to be sinners, and exclude other churches that acknowledge them. What about the "adulterers, murderers, those that envy".......and so forth. The list goes on, and all of us sin every single day. So what makes one sin worse than another.....and who are we to judge? In my opinion, the Baptist may be focusing on certain scriptures of the Bible dealing with homosexuality..........but forgetting other scriptures such as those dealing with judging one another, and love one another.......and "he that is free of sin.....cast the first stone". Hypocrisy will ruin the Baptist church!

It is amazing how the Southern Baptist Convention Members are only concerned about this one thing. I have never heard that much talk about alcohol drinking, spousal abuse, child abuse, lying, stealing, adultry, fornication, selling drugs, using drugs, racism, etc.,etc.,etc. If I think like the Southern Baptist Convention Members then there is only one sin worth fighting against and that is homosexuality.

I think it is sad that the chuch is now spreading hatred and prejudice against those that live any lifestyle but theirs. I thought that God was supposed to be the judge of all man. It seems that the church has now taken the place of God and is judging the world accordingly to its fears. If the church could only not be so narrowminded and try to understand that homosexuality is not a choice of lifestyle but the way humans were made to think, feel, and love. Humans, made from God. What happened to the love and forgiveness that the word of God taught? Has it been replaced by hatred and cruelty? I lower my head in shame that the church, which is supposed to be a witness of God, is not portraying the love he commanded.

Repetition of history continues to amaze me. We are now in a new era of crusades. In the early crusades it was "Convert to Christianity or Die." In today's time it is "Convert to heterosexuality or lose your life." Losing your life isn't neccessarily death but in terms of losing your rights. How would the heterosexual feel if they were not allowed to marry, love, or receive benefits or belongings from a deceased loved one/life partner. How would they feel to be ridiculed in public and cast out of society. We seem to forget that even the homosexuals are humans too also created from God. Where is the love and humanity for human kind in the christians and in our church?

It is expected that at least a dozen Baptist congregations will be expelled because of their inclusive affirmation of gays in the church. These congregations will (or already have) affiliate with the Alliance of Baptists based in DC. The Alliance of Baptists support same gender marriage and are intenitnally ecumenical. A list of Baptist congregations affiliated with them can be found on their website. But, here are the links to some prominent affirming Baptist congregations in NC.

Pullen Memorial Baptist Church Raleigh

First Baptist Church Asheville

Myers Park Baptist Charlotte

College Park Baptist Church Greensboro

Check out the Alliance of Baptists
website for complete listings nationwide.

The website for Cooperative Baptist Fellowship
also has links to Baptist congregations that are affirming and welcoming.

Blessings to all of my brother and sister Baptists who are taking a stand for justice, equality, love, and the welcome of Jesus to "whosoever will come."
:: posted by Padre Rob+, 4:51 PM


I went to the Southern Baptist Convention home page...wow, I see where their priorities lie, not with the poor, the helpless, the lame...but with spreading hate towards others.

Dear Lord, help us to be the first to love and the last to persecute. Amen.

Anonymous Adam B., at 9:35 PM  
Big baptist family here! Here and abroad.

Yeah, it will be hard for them to overcome these concepts...

I don't even discuss theology with non-Anglican relatives. It is simply a huge gap.

Different perspectives... Somehow they god so attached to the holiness movement tendencies they won't find another approach.

Thank God at least there are alternative Baptist conventions who will serve as a safe haven for those progressive Baptist churches.
Blogger Luiz Coelho, at 11:43 PM  
I always heave a sigh of relief when those outside of Christian faith settings are able to see the difference between what Christ taught and how many Christian denominations behave. Viva la difference!
Anonymous KJ, at 9:41 AM  

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